Globe & Mail Video Profile

In 2013, The Globe & Mail traveled to London to interview us.

The focus of their video profile was on a father and son business.

They covered the arc of our evolution from wood sign to digital age.

Follow our continued progress as a trusted source of all things signs.

Golf Tournament Signs

Coro w/ H-wireWe make coroplast with H-wire golf tournament signs regularly with a very quick turnaround.

Some standard sizes are 18×24 and 12×18 but we can make any size to fit your needs and desires.

Simply send us the info, logos, sizing and whether 1 or 2 sided and we will send you quotes and a proof.

Proofs are unlimited and we can meet any deadline you require.  These are often last minute events.

Teardrop Flags

In many sizes and shapes, outdoor flags are a fantastic way of drumming up attention along your front property line.  Some areas may require permits from the City.  Some businesses get licensed to put up many.  We can quote you on several or just one including layout or with your own files.  Many types of base assemblies are available.  This standard tear drop flag depicted is most popular.  Catch the wind and sail to profits today.  Flags are famous.

Tent With Emblems

Tent with option for walls, great for outdoor branding

9.5 foot x 9.5 foot exhibition tent with your company logo emblazoned on all 4 sides.

Comes with 4 weights and option for printed backwall and side walls.

Mount bar fixes to tent poles with half wall brackets.

Fabric slips onto mount bar via stitched pocket.

Secure fabric to pole centre by hook and loop.

Contact us today to move your brand outdoors.


sintraThis material is strong for outdoor use, yet it is lightweight for convenience.

It is rigid and resistant to inclement weather as well as UV rays.

This is a premium Sinalite product we drop ship to your door.

For the ease of outdoor signage without the cost of sophistication, try Sintra.

E-mail us at your earliest opportunity to begin a dialogue regarding this product.

Large Format Posters

large_posterThis premium oversized poster print at 60 by 90 is handled by our remote site sister printer trade dealer Sinalite.

Simply send us your files and we will format them properly for uploading and drop shipping directly to your address.

The splash of such a large format poster is exactly fitted for those with massive wall space or window real estate.

E-mail to ask about all our poster size options and whether or not you wish to print with us.

Put your latest ad adventure onto the big screen with a huge movie poster themed splash event that inspires.

Get it right the first time without breaking your budget since paper is cheaper than proper substrate mounts.


Magnets Made for You

magnet_bMagnets are the route to take when you want to go incognito on the weekend–or perhaps when you have multiple businesses and you want to change up your vehicle’s look for each job you go on or tour about you make.

Create your magnets of many different sizes.

Any size under two feet in one direction and unlimited length is possible at custom pricing.

Keep in mind as with all of our product, the more print ready your files are–the more economical becomes the printed product.

We also make vinyl cut magnets which have their suited duties particularly in durability and or the aesthetic and feel of it.

The truth is digital prints last just as long if you opt for UV lamination.

Rounded corners where available are good for peel prevention.

Removal for highway driving is advised.

We also provide high run fridge magnets and much more in the magnet department.

E-mail us today to talk about what kind of magnets you want and how much it would be:


Full Color Envelopes – Snail Mail 2.0

envelopWhat a way to get your story straight to the reader with full color envelopes.

This revolutionizes paper trail industries by giving you quicker eye candy.

Not any longer will the blank white envelopes slip through customer care.

Now you will grab their attention and hold it for your pitch to have a chance.

Consult us today by emailing for more info on this product.

Numbered Tickets are a Snap!

numbered-ticketsHave an event you are trying to sell Numbered Tickets for entry?

Perhaps you are hosting a dance or concert or some other event.

Numbered Tickets can be printed up for you with ease and fun!

We can ship these tickets to you directly without additional charge.

All we want is to see your Numbered Tickets printed effortlessly.

We are ready to receive your e-mail regarding getting these now.

New Value Postcards Available

valuepostcardTry out our new value postcards for a special promotional tool to help you thrive.

When it comes to postcards little else is of greater importance to door to door promotion.

You can be creative and come up with so many unique approaches to making waves.

Start with something simple and straightforward then work your way up from there.

These value postcards in particular are of the best economic value for your buck.

Get going on your postcard media blitz right now by contacting us to go go go!

Pocket Folders at

pocketfolder_bPocket Folders are great for presenting your business cards and portfolio in one impressive package.

Let us design something very special for your branding needs in the Pocket Folder department.

If you stand up the Folder on end for tradeshows as a table top display it will appear inviting.

Information packages and product price lists are popular uses for these Folders in industry.

Anytime we are brought pocket folders in our own shop we always put it on the reference shelf.

Imagine that any business you deliver your Pocket Folder to will likely keep you on file for future.

E-mail services are open at all hours so contact us today to begin the conversation on Pocket Folders.

Get Your Greeting Cards

greetingcards_bGreeting cards can lend a custom creative touch to your seasons pleasantries.

Try printing some personalized cards this year with us and you will love it!

Enjoy our diverse printing services for all kinds of innovative approaches.

We cannot wait to get you started on surprising recipients with such fun print jobs!

Two sided folded full color with design and layout options give you it your way …

These cards are available in myriad sizes.  Contact us now

Flyer Printing

We offer flyer printing services.

Many sizes are available.

Flyers are superb medium for communicating special sales and deals to your customers.  Consider monthly notices of your current price points in order to keep people up to date on how they may benefit from staying loyal to your company.