One-Way Vision Window Vinyl

One-Way Vision Window Vinyl allows you to advertise on the rear and / or side windows of your vehicle–which nicely complements and completes a traditional vehicle wrap.  You may also use this type of perforated vinyl for your storefrotn windows to provide some privacy while still letting light inside.  One-Way Window Vinyl comes with the option of optically clear lamination to provide you with the highest level of visibility while driving.  You may opt for the vinyl without lamination instead as lamination itself, even optically clear, diminishes some visibility.  There is unsettled debate as to which way is best.  Non-laminated perforated vinyl allows for more visibility than laminated except when it rains, in which case the rain will puddle a bit in the perforated holes, while laminated vinyl will allow the water to run off.


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Other uses for One-Way Vision Vinyl besides your vehicle would be to apply it to your storefront windows and / or interior partition windows, which can reduce sunlight and / or provides some privacy for interior rooms.  Keep in mind when interior lights are turned on from the vision side of the vinyl, vision becomes clear from the other side.  For true privacy consider a blockout vinyl or window tint.

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