Adhesive Vinyl

What is Adhesive Vinyl and how do I use it?

Adhesive Vinyl is stickers of any size, for use indoor or outdoor.  Consider applying with soapy water to avoid bubbles or inquire with us about the hinge dry install method. 

There are also paper label stickers available for indoor use.  Some of our vinyl products are laminated and some are not.  Your sales rep will indicate which you are being quoted on.

Printed and contour cut vinyl can be applied to most smooth surfaces.

The cut vinyl comes pre-spaced and pre-masked with a removable carrier tape. 

2mil vinyl is reserved for finer applications like contour surfaces.  2mil vinyl lasts longer than 3mil. 

There are also other types of vinyl available like perforated, reflective and more.

How do I install vinyl graphics that I have purchased?

For smaller applications you may peel the backing and stick the vinyl onto your surface. 

For larger applications, you may use the hinge method.  Simply align the graphics to where you want them and tape them in place temporarily, then fold back one side and peel off the liner and squeegee the vinyl to the surface.

Remove the carrier tape and the pre-spaced graphics and text will remain on the wall, sign, window or item you are covering.

Full decal prints do not require a carrier tape. They can generally be applied with soapy water, floated into position, pressed down with a squeegee and left to dry.

What applications are Adhesive Vinyl print and cut graphics used for?

Many uses include window advertising, direction signage, business signs, directories and anything that needs to be decorated, personalized or customized.

  • Wall lettering, and decals
  • Perforated window graphics
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Signs & Displays
  • Wall paper
  • Floor graphics
  • Office divider glass (privacy)
  • Office door names
  • Desk name plates
  • Logos
  • Price tags
  • etc

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