Quick Sign Tips

Who, What, Where, When and Why are a good questions to ask when considering your sign project.

When: Plan ahead and start early, to avoid delays due to production times, obtaining permits, etc..

Who & Why: Businesses invest in signs for an expected return in customer response, inquiries and traffic.  Customers utilize signs to find your location and determine what your business offers. 

What: Finding the right balance between budget and investment requires careful consideration of control factors such as size allowed by by-laws, landlords, viewing distances and limitations of deadlines.  (Try not to guess at sizes as this will not lead to an accurate quote.  If you have no choice but to guess for starters, use bricks or post and post separations to estimate sizes of signs, especially ones that are out of reach or inaccessible.  Our installer will measure all signage for you for $50.)

Extra Tip: Be upfront about your budget and what you have to offer.  If you have print ready graphics files, your own dedicated installer or you will be ordering many signs at once, let us know so we can adjust your quote accordingly.

Details To Provide Us For Quote:

  • Size Of Sign
  • Viewing Distance From The Road or Person Viewing the Sign (Pace it off, each large step is 2.5 feet)
  • Type of Sign: Is it Backlit?  Dimensions? Depth? (Always send us photos.)
  • Is the sign single or double-sided?  Is it two signs back to back or one sign double-sided?

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