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    Same Week Turnaround 2-3 Day Lead Time Add $40

    Typical Turnaround 7 Business Days


    Pricing For Quantity Of 3 + Units w/ Print Ready Files Supplied

    (Note: If you have a layout sketched out, or some files put together,

    add $35 Setup to below prices for single units.)

    11″ x 18″ Table-Top Stand $80.86 + tax

    33″ x 81″ Standard Stand $207.47 + tax

    33″ x 81″ Double-Sided Stand $227.16 + tax

    33″ x 81″ Premium Stand $254.02 + tax

    48″ x 81.5″ Premium Extra Wide Stand $295.48 + tax


    Pricing For Single Units w/ Setup Included

    11″ x 18″  Table-Top Stand $97.01 + tax

    33″ x 81″  Standard Stand $292.67 + tax

    33″ x 81″ Double-Sided Stand $337.17 + tax

    33″ x 81″ Premium Stand $358.62 + tax

    48″ x 81.5″ Extra-Wide Stand $397.57 + tax




    Rotary BannerstandsPull up banners are an effective and portable way to communicate your message at events and shows.

    They easily retract into their aluminum base and fit snugly into a black carrying bag. 

    Strap one over your shoulder and you’re on your way to your next tradeshow equipped with a convenient and easy pop up display for your business.

    Retractable Bannerstands are a great way of creating a splash background for your tradeshow. 

    Quick Bannerstand Tips

    1) Be gentle with your bannerstand unit and it will last a very long time. Sometimes it is a good idea to have four hands, with at least one person tall enough to comfortably raise the banner to just above the top of the pole unit. First unfold the unit’s legs and set it firmly on level floor. Next, unfold the pole and put it’s three parts into place to form one long pole. Then insert the pole in the hole and ensure it snugly slides over the black slug. Finally pull up the banner and clip it into place. This requires angling the top bar back a bit, slipping into place and once you are sure it is in, let the banner stand.

    2) When sliding it back into it’s unit, keep your eye on the gap between the edge of the banner and the end of the unit. If you notice the gap is widening or shrinking, that means the banner is drifting to one side or another, and it will not fit snugly into the unit if you continue down. Pause, pull it back up a foot or two, to correct the gap, and then continue downward again. With practice you will learn the practice of keep it level all the way down.

    3) Similarly, when sliding the unit into its carrying bag, if you notice a snag, stop, pull the unit back, straighten the bag, and slowly slide it in again. Otherwise if you force it, you will risk put a tear in the bag. It might help to set the unit and bag flat on a table while doing this, or another method is to stand the unit on end on the table and slowly slide the bag down over it. The least effective method is attempting to hold the unit up in the air with one hand and slide the bag over it with the other: this method will most likely eventually result in a tear in the bag.


    Note: Some opt to pick up 3 units in order to create what we call a ‘Quickwall’. 

    A Quickwall is a simple solution for a greater back-splash without the added time and greater expense of more traditional 10ft Quickcurve Display units 

    Retractable Bannerstands are:

    • Light-weight
    • Easy to set up and take down in a minute or two
    • Easy to ship, carry on, or take with you in your car
    • Stores small.  Open to a decent size and when you need more exposure, several can be linked to give you a wall of graphics
    • They are great for networking, events, trade shows, lobbies, hallways, offices, stages, and more
    • These ‘Show&Go’ Graphic Panels allow you to Get In & Out of your next event with ease



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