Sign Permits

Some outdoor signs require Sign Permits. We offer Sign Permit Services where we do the legwork for you, or you may prefer to save some cost by applying for the permits yourself through City Hall. Usually you will have to provide them with the specifications of the signs and often it will depend on the size of your property.

Some signs do not require permits, for instance, businesses are allowed to have A-frames and smaller signs (limited in number) on their private property without permit–as well as up to 3 flags (including large Teardrop Flags).

If you do not have a permit for your sign the inspector may fine you twice the amount of the cost of the original permit. Usually they will give you an opportunity to settle this without having to take the sign down, however, they may order the signs be taken down if you do not comply with their fines in a timely manner.

In some cases what is called a Sign Variance may be required for signs that do not fit the standard zoning permits allowed. This process usually requires approval from a committee.

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