U-Channel Posts


8, 10 & 12 ft posts include mounting hardware (nuts, bolts and U-Bracket).  U-Brackets are designed to fit U-Channel Posts.  We also install these posts.

Other Posts:

(Square Posts 1-3.4″)

5′ Square Post in Concrete Base – $205 plus tax

8′ Square Post – $88 plus tax

5′ Square Post w/ Bolt Down Base – $93 plus tax

Base Plate Single – $33 plus tax

Post Splicing Hardware Square Corner Bolt – $5 plus tax


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    U-Channel Posts1-34-910+
    8ft w/ Hardware$75$72$68
    10ft w/ Hardware$90$85$81
    12ft w/ Hardware$104$99$94


    5-10 ft sq. posts

    Also consider EZ Bases as below:



    U-Channel Posts

    U-Channel Posts are the standard means of displaying parking signs.  Before installation, you will need to arrange for Ontario One Call to identify underground lines.  Wait until you have your signs and installer arranged, as the One Call clearance is only good for 30 days.  You may also require to obtain permits from City Hall.   If you need an installer we are able to quote you separately on installation.  Please plan in advance of late spring to early fall, as the cut-off date is when the ground freezes.

    U-Channel Mounting Hardware

    U-Channel hardware

    Mounting Hardware for U-Channel posts

    You might also consider Reflective Signage.

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