Buildings & Storefronts: Dimensional Corporate & Retail Letters

Metal & Plastic: PLAQUES , LOGOS and LETTERS  Dimensional logos and letters are perfect for corporate branding and way-finding signage.



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    Many sign, letters and plaque types are available.

    The Gemini brand includes most types of dimensional signs from
    the small braille way-finders , to corporate identity logos and letters
    for buildings inside and out.


    Many materials and finishes are available for your particular needs.


    Many sub-types of signage are available including embossed plaques, cast logos and letters, lit and and unlit logos, printed and etched metals.

    The varieties of products are engineered and produced from plastics
    and metals, each processed in dedicated facilities that specialize in a
    product and employ well trained and experienced craftspeople who
    use the latest technology to ensure consistent products, at a
    reasonable price in a reasonable time without limiting your creative


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    Sylvan Building Sign 1



    3D Gemini Letters

    3D Gemini Letters are an effective way to command a professional and high profile presence on your storefront.  They come in standard fonts as well as custom fonts and logos if you have a specific design.  Send us your files so we can quote.

    Gemini Signs can be done in laser cut acrylic, metallic and other materials.  They can be backlit or front-lit, and applied to walls, boxlit signs, storefronts and more.  They are very professional looking and eye-catching.  They come in various thicknesses and colors.  If you have a specific color to match be sure to provide us with your Pantone numbers.

    Gemini Letters are available in standard fonts as well as custom cut styles.  There are many backlit versions, whether being lit from underneath or the traditional shine through face.  Please consult us on which would suit your needs best.  We install 3D Gemini Letters & Logos inside and outside of your building, however, if you have a handyman installer, these letters are also easily installed using a template and screwdriver.

    Gemini is consistently upgrading their best practices to protect the
    environment and ensure a product which they can warrant for life.

    You can self install:


    Interior fabricated channel for wires, transformer, switch, plug on cord for plugging into customer’s existing outlet. Normally no channel is required when low voltage wires are above a false ceiling. This was a concrete ceiling with no access above it.


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