Vinyl Cut Installation Steps (Hinge Method)

Pre-spaced Cut Vinyl Application

Step #1) Clean smooth surface thoroughly with soap and water or methyl hydrate.

Step #2) Using Blue Masking Tape, affix masked lettering / decal to surface.

Step #3) Measure twice to ensure lettering is level with available straight lines.

Step #4) Step back to ensure lettering also looks level to the eye & adjust.

Step #5) Apply two strips of blue mask down center, one strip either end.

Step #5) Lift up one half to the center, rip away wax backing and toss away.

Step #6) Holding this half taut and low to the surface smooth from center out.

Step #7) Using hard edge press up and down all along to ensure firm grip.

Step #8) Pull up other half, remove remaining wax paper, apply as before.

Step #9) Slowly pull mask off at a low angle until only the letters remain.

Step #10) Check for any stray bubbles and pop them with a fine pin-point.


Quick Sample Video:


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