Vinyl Cut Installation Steps (Hinge Method)

Text Tutorial Down Below


Pre-spaced Cut Vinyl Application

Step 1) Clean smooth surface thoroughly with soap and water or methyl hydrate.

Step 2) Using Blue Masking Tape, affix masked lettering / decal to surface.

Step 3) Measure twice to ensure lettering is level with available straight lines.

Step 4) Step back to ensure lettering also looks level to the eye & adjust.

Step 5) Apply two strips of blue mask down center, one strip either end.

Step 6) Lift up one half to the center, rip away wax backing and toss away.

Step 7) Holding this half taut and low to the surface smooth from center out.

Step 8) Using hard edge press up and down all along to ensure firm grip.

Step 9) Pull up other half, remove remaining wax paper, apply as before.

Step 10) Slowly pull mask off at a low angle until only the letters remain.

Step 11) Check for any stray bubbles and pop them with a fine pin-point.


Quick Sample Video:


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