Adhesive Vinyl Decal Installation (Wet Apply Method)

Step #1) Clean smooth surface thoroughly with dish-soapy water or methyl hydrate.

Step #2) Soak surface with a film of dish-soapy water.

Step #3) Apply decal face down onto surface.  The wet surface will hold the decal in place.

Step #4) Now remove the wax backing of the decal, exposing the adhesive side.

Step #5) Spray down the adhesive with dish-soapy water.  Be sure to soak it enough as this will inhibit the adhesive from sticking and allow you to float the decal into place.

Step #6) Flip the adhesive vinyl over and glide it into place.  If you feel it gripping at all, you have not used enough soapy-water.  Quickly flip it back over and spray it down more.  You may have not mixed the solution strong enough.

Step #7) When you have it in place, now spray the surface with a light film to avoid scratching the surface when you smooth it down.  Using a hard edge like a credit card, wrapped in paper towel, smooth the decal from the center out, pushing out all the soapy water.  Go over it in this way a few times as it begins to dry and take hold.

Step #8) Now dry the surface with a soft paper towel and allow the adhesive to set up for several hours before taking vehicle out on the road.  Congratulations, you have successfully installed your decal.



Find a Quick Video Demo Here


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