Sign Bylaws

You will find the Sign Permit Application form through the link below, or we can do the work for you by including it in your quote.  The City generally recommends the customer make the application, while we can provide drawings, details and information about the signage to be installed.

Here are some of the basics you may encounter depending on your property profile:

  • Zoning of the land &/or building. Lands may be zoned, and buildings on the land may have special zonings
  • Property type/classification Typical is Group 4 Commercial in a commercial property subject to adjacent properties. 
  • Site plan The city has CITY maps online that also show the Zoning for every building
  • Distance from finished grade to base of signage and area of signage.
  • Dimensions  of the realestate unit or building  ( including dimensions where the surface plane changes)
  • Location of other signage when installing pilon / free standing signs
  • Elevation (ie front view)
  • Cross section Side view showing fasteners and wiring schematic
  • Structural and anchoring methods and materials of any box , letters and walls
  • Electrical schematic ( typically LEDs with 2 wire stereo speaker wires to interior transformer and outlet.
  • Approvals (Shane is Canadian Standards Association approved sticker and I think Hydro stickers related to the 
  • box and wiring up to the and including the transformer )  
  • Multi story buildings have limitations on signage
  • Some developments & Landlords allow only Logo signs (no words)

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