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WEBSITE MAIN PAGE REVISEDLogos are the masthead of your company, providing a visual key of recognition to your client base and overall branding commercial personality. Whether or not you have a logo yet or you are looking to spruce up your existing image, we provide ground up services to this end. Simply forward or upload your logo file to our site, or give us the details of how you would like it to look and we will meet your needs.

Logos can be in solid colors or gradients, but keep in mind for signage purposes, if you choose to go with a detailed or gradient colored image, this will limit you to digitally printed mediums, while if you choose solid or separated color schemes, you may at times opt for the more durable vinyl cut applications in your branding.

Logos should be catchy and visually commanding, simple and straightforward, yet communicate what your company offers in an effective way. Your logos will be splashed across your website, pamphlets, signs and more–so you must arrive at an image that stands out and demonstrates every quality your business has come to possess.

There is an old standard rule not to change your logo, it’s specifications, ratios, colors or dimensions, in order to maintain your brand image across all advertising spectrums and provide a stable, unchanging, familiar visual cue to your customers. Some of these rules have have relaxed over time, however, as we have entered the modern digital and design age, where people are used to constant change, upgrades and reconstitutions.

To this degree then, you will notice corporations big and small occasionally changing their brands slightly, incorporating multiple logos or even returning to old logos they once employed. This is evident in the new Bell logo, which is a throwback to their older brand–a retro ad campaign if you will. Also, McDonald’s and other corporations have undertaken similar brand revisits. Google you will notice also now has multiple logos they employ across their different sites.

These new standards allow for changing up the game so to speak, tweaking the customer’s mind to take another look or a second glance and gain a new impression of an old familiar company. So the old insistence on unchanging brands is outmoded and do not be afraid to follow the lead of the big fish and inquire with us about how we may bring your company image into the modern age.

Logos continue a long legacy of graphic communication between people that predates the written word and in many languages still exists as the predominate modality of characters, as in Chinese and hieroglyphics for instance. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words–so be sure to employ this to your ultimate brand advantage.

Whether your logo incorporates photographs, symbols or more abstract layouts–we are always excited to see your new visual platform take off and begin making impressions for your company around your city, country and world abroad. Please drop in to our shop or send us an email, so that we can begin printing, cutting or designing your eye-catching, traffic-stopping brand.

Congratulations! You have come this far, which entitles you to our Deep Web Deals. These offers are limited to Prepay Customers, so if you wish to take advantage, simply click the Buy Now button–then e-mail us any design files or ideas you want us to work from. These deals include unlimited design and typically a two week turnaround. Pick up is from our shop. In order to include shipping e-mail us first and we will send you a custom invoice payable online.

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  • $50 + tax (Reg $75)

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