Used RV 12v power jack heads $35 & $25

Used RV 12v power jack heads $35 & $25

LOOKING FOR A 12volt jack replacement motor for your RV travel trailer. We have 3 used motors which
were seldom used as they were part of a concession stand jacking system. They may work on your trailer
as they replace the crank handle. These items cost a few hundred dollars each and have probably been used a dozen times. So for you handy man types it might be a good little project over the winter
to make your summer travels a little easier. Price is $35 for the obes with the covers and $25 for the other. Or just make us an offer.

3D Gemini Letters

We design, sell and install Gemini(tm) 3D logos and letters for corporate branding.

The Gemini brand includes most types of dimensional signs from
the small braille way-finders , to corporate identity logos and letters
for buildings inside and out.
The varieties of products are engineered and produced from plastics
and metals, each processed in dedicated facilities that specialize in a
product and employ well trained and experienced craftspeople who
use the latest technology to ensure consistent products, at a
reasonable price in a reasonable time without limiting your creative
Gemini is consistently upgrading their best practices to protect the
environment and ensure a product which they can warrant for life.

Let us at help you with your next project.

Christmas Wood Signs

Christmas Wood Signs come in 3 kinds: Vinyl Cut on Cedar, Digital Print Imitation Wood Grain Contour Cut on Alumapanel, or Premium Sandblasted. As RV, Cottage or Man-Cave signs these make great Christmas Gifts!

Bob Torrington, President

Meet Bob The PresidentHaving started in the sign business over 38 years ago, while routing wood signs in Grand Bend, Bob’s original company Torrington Wood Signs Inc. eventually spawned Quick Signs–and now also

Bob has been through dozens of industry evolutions–and through it all retained a pride in his work.  He is your man if you have a variety of complex signage needs that require particular attention to installation dynamics and / or smart problem solving.

Decal Demo – Wet Apply Method

Wet apply your decal with a little soapy water and a soft straight edge.

Place print face down on wet surface, peel wax backing, spray, flip and gently flatten.