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designDecals take various sizes, shapes, varieties, colors and can be applied to myriad substrates for endless kinds of ad campaigns. We offer services catering to either high run sticker printing or single off decals of small or large dimensions. Our in shop Mutoh printer can offer decals up to 47″ on one side and any length. These decals are printed in high resolution full color CMYK inks and if your files are vector, they can be plotted out on our wide format cutter. Then we would typically supply you with strips or sheets of the stickers on wax backing ready for your use.

Decals can be used as bumper stickers, billboard refacing sheets, golf cart adornment, vehicle advertising, wall decoration and so much more. If you are concerned about durability of your decals we can also laminate them, but for most purposes the straight printed sticker will suffice.

Send us your logo or graphics today so that we may quote you on your decal needs and advise of any issues with the file itself. In order to contour cut the stickers, the file we send to the printer needs to be in .eps or outlined .ai formats. We cannot cut from a flat file like .jpeg or .tiff, unless it will be in a square or circle which we can then hand cut. Wavy contours and intricate shapes must be digitally rendered before production can begin.

In many cases customers come to us with low resolution .jpeg files of their brand because that is all that they have left after years of changing computers and emails etc.. In some other cases, for instance, you may have a bar that is trying to splash drink brand logos around their establishment, but some of the more exotic brewing companies can be impossible to get a hold of and may not even have the files themselves.

In these cases and others, if the end result is insistent on an intricate contour cut of the .jpeg file brand logo, then we will need to redesign the logo from scratch based on the .jpeg at hand. To this end, we will quote the customer on the expected cost of such an undertaking, all depending on the sophistication and complexity of the design and how many hours we estimate it will take to lay it out again. We will include in this cost your ownership of the resulting file, so that you will not encounter such a problem again.

Decals have many useful and dynamic applications that can supplement, support and sustain any media bonanza. You can choose to apply them yourself or have us do the installation for you. Most of the time we print our decals on Release Air vinyl technology, giving you added forgiveness in application and freedom from bubbles popping up in the process. This is particularly the case in the smaller decals, which most commonly can be applied dry.

When you get into the bigger decals it becomes more advisable to apply the sticker with a wet process. To do this, simply clean and spray the surface for targeted adherence, then lay the print face down. Next peel the wax backing off and spray the exposed sticky back with a solution of soapy water.

Finally, flip the sticker over and position it as desired. You will notice it floats a bit if you have added enough soapy water. The Release Air vinyl will not grip until you press it down firmly. Once you are satisfied with the position, use a hard edge like a credit card wrapped several times in paper towel so as not to scratch the print, then press slowly and firmly out from the center of the decal.

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