What is a Sign?

A sign is any type of communication media that informs, alerts, direct or leaves an impression upon a consumer base.

What Can Signs Do For You?

Signs allow businesses to expand upon strengths and overcome weaknesses in their business model and location.  Perhaps your business is hard to find.  In this case, a sign could help your consumer base find you more efficiently.  Perhaps your business model includes monthly sales.  In this case signs could allow you to more effectively communicate the details of those sales to your public.  Signs can perform an endless variety of functions to allow you to bridge the gap between purchaser and seller.

What Message Are You Trying To Convey?

This is a good place to start and perhaps a deceptively simple question.  Sometimes signs can become too busy or complicated with multiple ideas and messages, when simple is often a better approach.  Try to minimize your message to a few key points, for in this fast-paced world, people will not often linger long enough to read more than eight words.

What Image Are You Trying To Portray?

The overall look and feel of your sign conveys the personality of your business.  It is important to decide how you want to come across to your customers, for some customers will prefer a polished look while others will gravitate toward a more toned down approach.  Your business cannot be everything to everybody, so it is key to sort out what image your main base prefers.

What Physical Elements Should We Consider?

Spend some time deciding on layout, color schemes, letter styles, shapes and distance and lighting conditions.  How long would you like your sign to last?  What environmental elements will play role in diminishing its lifespan?  These pieces of information will play a role in helping you decide what type of sign substrate would be best for your signage.


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