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If you are seeking the comfort of knowing you are working with an independent sign supplier local to London, not a franchisee or out of town outlet, one that is just as professional as the best, but with the added bonus of hands on guidance and careful attention to the relationship of business, success and basic work ethics–then you need look no further than Global Signs London.

Our central concept is to bring you the best in signage that the world has to offer, right here on your doorstep in London, Ontario, Canada. Located in Hyde Park North, we cater to every corner of the city, providing free estimates and on site consultation–plus unlimited signage advice, there is no better place to trust your media advertising than in our local little shop. Come on in to have a chat with us at any point, for we always love to see our customers face to face, to discuss with them their branding needs and print targets.

The “Global” in also of course refers to the fact that there is no type of sign simple or sophisticated that we are not willing to tackle, so give us consideration for every project from your leading sales grunt workhorse billboards, to your oft underestimated sandwich boards and business cards.

If you browse our Sign Menu, on the homepage of, you will see every category that we cover–and if what you are after is not listed there, simply drop us a line at and we will look at your project details and see if we can meet your needs.

If for any reason your signs are not under our canopy of skill sets, then we will refer you to the best outlet in town that we feel will be able to handle your requirements. But be prepared to be impressed, for we have 35+ years of experience in this field–and we pride ourselves on finely crafting any custom sign required.

London Ontario Signs–or Global Signs London–is our new alter ego, not replacing but supplementing our longstanding brand Torrington Quick Signs London. For those of you who are familiar with us, you will know we are a family run business with a stake in making sure each and every customer is satisfied and receives a long-lasting product of high impact and sustaining advertising power. We want you to come back year after year with your different projects, so we have no interest in anything less than the best in signs.

If you are driving North on Hyde Park Rd., as soon as you cross Gainsborough simply make a left at the first side street called North Routledge. From there you will see a parking lot immediately on your right. The address is 1674 Hyde Park Rd. North. Pull in to the back corner of the industrial building there and you will see our canopy sign–Quick Signs–and below that

Enter our shop around the back corner and experience our plethora of product first hand.

While here, you may speak to one of our signmakers regarding the best move forward for your print campaign–and you may take away with you any samples or free advice that we can provide. We will show you the banner, vinyl and substrates that we may use for your project. We can demonstrate the quality of our Mutoh printer and do designs on spot.

Signs in London are like anywhere else, they need to be visual and short on words, informative yet memorable–and at Global Signs we have much expertise in cutting to the core of what matters about your message in order to get across to your customer what is important to take away.

Once those sales cues are in place, it is simply up to the sign to begin turning back traffic toward your business, all you must do at that point is do what you do best–in whatever profession you so happen to be in. We believe the advertising should be left to the experts, to free you up to do the work you were trained in–where your passion lies.

Driving around London, you may see many different sign shops of different varieties. There are some more geared to high run printing, while others more experience in big box signs–while still others yet may specialize in business cards or merchandising. But at Global Signs we run the gamut, so you may consider us your one stop place to put your trust in for your ever key ad drives.

Global Signs London will never forget its roots in Quick Signs, Wood Signs–and the humble beginnings of painted signs and the like–but we also know the future of digital media signage and internet advertising are fast becoming bigger markets–so we plan on expanding in every direction possible in order to meet your leading edge requirements for prompt, professional perfection in signs.

So just remember, while our brand is Global Signs, we will always still be your small, local signmaking service in London, Ontario.

Global Signs Staff

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