Sticker Printing


Global Signs offers sticker printing of all variety, color, quantity, shape and sizes. Get your decals done with us and enjoy the benefit of high quality Mutoh prints with low cost affordability and design assistance if you require it.

Some customers have their logo file already but would like to add some text or tweak a certain aspect of that design and we are quick to meet these needs. Simply send our graphic designer the file and it will be returned to you for proofing with the changes.

Stickers can be printed on all manner of different vinyls, from removable, laminated, to perforated, to air release, matte or glossy and more. Let us know what your application is and we will be glad to inform you of the price and best vinyl for the job at hand.

Some use stickers as bumper stickers, car decals–or bedroom wall adornment. Some use stickers to add a splash to their otherwise drab interchangeable letter mobile sign–while others use stickers to update their billboards with new information.

Some use stickers to spruce up old model cars–while others use them to hand out as a merchandising gimmick. We can do high-run orders of sticker prints, contour cut out to the exact shape of decal you are after–leaving you merely to peel and apply.

Stickers can be solid colors or full color gradients–whichever you prefer. Stickers and large decals come as usual with a wax backing to protect the sticky layer before application. If you opt for the air release vinyl, you will have any easier time applying the sticker without leaving bubbles behind. If you pick the removable vinyl, it will be a bit easier to remove down the road.

When applying the stickers, if they are small you can get away with dry mounting them–but the larger decals, even the ones with air release channels, may require some soapy water for application just to ensure you get a smooth flat lay without any bubbles.

If you need someone to design your stickers for you, please contact us ( and we will return your inquiry promptly. We love printing stickers for all your needs and look forward to meeting you and producing decals for you soon.

Billboard Decals


Whether you are looking to reface your entire existing billboard with a giant decal or just update some information on it with a smaller sticker, we can accommodate your needs.

You can either choose to install the decal yourself or have us do it for you.

The best way to move forward with acquiring your new sticker is to send us a picture of the billboard with the dimensions of the addition you are looking into getting printed.

We will send you a proof of what it would look like and a quote for the print.

Billboards are an excellent means of garnering attention to your business, but wording should be kept to a minimum as drivers have only a few seconds to remember what they are seeing. Pictures and photos are also a good way of making an impression quickly that will stick in the person’s mind. Send us any high resolution photos or logo files that you have if you wish to incorporate imagery into your sticker.

Our decals come printed on digital air release vinyl for easier application. The channels of air embedded in the print allow for you to reposition the sticker before finally firmly pressing it down, especially if you use a little soapy water to aid the process. Clean the surface of the billboard and then spray the face where you are making the addition with clean water. Next, unroll the giant sticker face down on the board. Next, peel away the wax backing and spray the exposed sticky side with soapy water. Finally, with the help of a few extra hands, flip the sticker over and position it how you want it. Finally, use a hard edge wrapped with paper towel to push the decal down into place permanently. Swipe from the center out, up and down and side to side, then finally pushing out all the remaining soapy water in consecutive, overlapping swipes until the image is secured. Now you have your refaced billboard complete.

You may email us your files at or upload them to our homepage. There is an upload function on the right hand side. Simply click on the global and arrow that say upload then select your files. Finally email us to confirm we have received it.