Get Your Greeting Cards

greetingcards_bGreeting cards can lend a custom creative touch to your seasons pleasantries.

Try printing some personalized cards this year with us and you will love it!

Enjoy our diverse printing services for all kinds of innovative approaches.

We cannot wait to get you started on surprising recipients with such fun print jobs!

Two sided folded full color with design and layout options give you it your way …

These cards are available in myriad sizes.  Contact us now

Flyer Printing

We offer flyer printing services.

Many sizes are available.

Flyers are superb medium for communicating special sales and deals to your customers.  Consider monthly notices of your current price points in order to keep people up to date on how they may benefit from staying loyal to your company.

Print Calendars

calendar100_bMake your own calendars with

All you need is an idea for the cover and month photos.

The calendar is 28 pages long.

Contact us for more info on printing your own custom calendars.

Calendars are fantastic way of promoting your business everyday.

Give them out to customers or family for a unique holiday gift.

E-mail us at for more info …


Posters are available in all sizes up to forty seven inches in one direction and any length.

High run of units under thirty six inches require two weeks lead time.

poster_bTwo sided is available up to three feet.

As usual here at purchasing this product bundled with any other products automatically brings the price down.

Reach out to us today to discuss your needs for promotional poster printing or fine art print products.

Paper poster prints are excellent for temporary advertising campaigns and low cost alternatives to fine art giclee on canvas.

Tent Cards

Tent Cards are available in a few different sizes and formats.

We make them out of coroplast when over five inches tall.

They usually come with double-sided tape for securing the base after unfolded or for lesser price no base just the two sides.

tentcards_bThe small size versions under five inches are made of card stock and require two week lead time.

These cards are a great way for applying temporary advertising tactics to your meeting or seminar.

Make the cards snazzy enough for people to want to take them home and you suddenly have oversized traveling business cards.

For smaller quantity units in other words one or two tent cards at a foot or more high made out of coroplast these units can be constructed with velcro for repeated use.

These are a great way to spruce up your tradeshow table and give it more eye candy.

Tent signs are the nice intermediary between full pop-up stands other table top stands and lesser brochures and pamphlets that lie flat upon the table top.

Contact us today to get started on laying out your new tent or table top sign.

Business Cards

businesscard_bWe offer some of the best pricing on business cards in the city, especially if you already have some file designs and purchase them with other signage or print product orders.

Two sided, matte or gloss, uv lam, full color–the works are available, serving you up your cards just the way you like them hot off the press.

You can pick up at our shop or have us drop ship the box to your address either way for the same price.

If beyond even design files, you already have actual print ready files for cards plus you are interested in other signs or print products, then you can get your cards with us for next to nothing!

The benefit of loyalty and repeat business at is extremely slashed pricing on valued added services.  We look forward to proofing and printing your business cards today.

This service operates out of our sister company in Toronto, so expect 5-10 business days to see completion of the order.  Be ready for a new year with cards to hand out and spread your word.

Western Signage Dealer

Global Signs has been acting as a remote dealer for Western University for several decades now–and we pride ourselves in being the first and best solution for on-campus consultation and quick and effective signage solutions.

WESTERN DEALERWe have served a variety of departments over the years, from main campus to King’s College and Huron College.

We have provided tradeshow displays, poster boards, calendar walls, directory signs, wayfinder signs (indoor and out), business cards, design services, bannerstand units, banners, billboards, 3D lettering signage, entrance signage, vehicle decals, garage door decals and much more.

All Western University associated customers receive automatic discounts across the board on all of our services.

When contacting us, please simply alert us to the face that you are on campus and we will flag your order in the appropriate channels.


Fall Fair Banners & Table Throws

If you live in London, Ontario, you likely have visited the Western Fair Grounds at one time or another, when you have walked past the many different vendors pedaling their wares or spreading news of their cause.

Otherwise, perhaps you have ventured out through Ribfest or Sunfest at Victoria Park in the summers and seen the same.

Have you ever wondered where they get those banners and table throws?

BABY AND EVENT 002-1Look no further than to help you out in a pinch regarding your festival and fair displays.

We offer all manner of bannerstands, banner hangs, satin table throws and the like that will help you to get your message across and make a good impression on the passerby.

There are many factors to consider for grabbing attention fast and keeping it.

You want to employ as few words as possible, as especially in today’s modern age, people’s focus spans are short.

You want to have a bright, catchy logo that sums up your business–and have as many hi res pictures incorporated into your layout as possible.

We recently did a 2 ft by 12 ft double sided hem and rope banner for the Canadian Forces, a long with a bannerstand for them.

These are the standard baseline media you need to consider–then you may build up your advertising arsenal from there.

How about a podium?  Perhaps some table-top displays.  Do you have cards and brochures yet?  We supply those as well.

We are here to round out your branding portfolio at economic rates with professional execution.  Talk to us today: