Poster Prints

bannerstandsWhether your looking for extra coverage at your next trade show or a unique way of ensuring your brand stays on customer’s walls and in their minds, posters are always a great add-on to your existing catalog of advertising tools.

Posters come on high quality heavy duty paper—or for outdoor applications can be printed on waterproof vinyl.

We offer chrome stands to hold your posters (usually as digital prints mounted on coroplast inserted into the stand)–or snap-in frames which allow you to interchange your posters on a monthly basis, so as to keep your message fresh and on point.

Posters may come in most sizes up to 47” wide and any length. The paper is stiff and durable, so you may expect your posters to last you a long time. These posters may be printed with full graphics or more simple text and information. We can also offer high run prints, screen prints and a plethora of print options.

Poster prints are also a great and economical means of window advertising, by taping or suction cup hooking your prints inside your windows. This again allows you the ability to change up the brand message on a regular basis without breaking the bank

We may design and layout your poster for you—or if you are a designer upload your files and save yourself some money. We accept most design files from Adobe to Corel. Posters are also high quality enough that artists may consider us as their premium art print source. Keep in mind our inks are CMYK, so some deep reds will not be achievable, however, our Mutoh printer does a fine job when seen up close, so you may wish to skip the more expensive art printers and use us to reproduce your work. (We do also offer print on canvas and print on canvas stretched to frame.)

Paper prints come in either gloss or matte. Paper prints are probably the cheapest full color option available to your limited time indoor advertising campaign.

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