Screen Printed

screenScreen printing with one or more colors is an excellent means of making your advertising dollars stretch further by ordering a high run of some needed signage such as coroplast signs, aluminum signs, styrene signs, paper signs and much more.

The colors need to be separate and non-gradient. Either send us your vector-based files or allow us to do the layouts for you. If you need a lot of signs and are on a tight budget, screen printing is an excellent way to go.

One example of money savings on screen printed signage is with bag signs, a popular alternative to H-wire coroplast lawn signs. Plastic bag signs slide over a heavy duty U-stake. You order 50-500 at a time and save a lot on the individual units. We often sell bag signs to contractors around town that want an economical means of advertising without having to worry about returning to collect their signs later or losing them to bylaw officers. They simply buy in bulk and plant these screen printed bag signs on job sites and friends lawns about town as often as they see fit, leaving a trail of business branding wherever they go.

For whatever your high-run screen print needs, please consider Global Signs as your source for economical advertising.

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