A-Frame Sandwich Boards


Every storefront needs some portable display to set out day by day or leave out, as needed.  Two foot by three foot is the maximum size allowed for London, Ontario businesses, but you may get away with bigger sizes in more remote areas, set back on your property a distance–perhaps chained to a post for the day or weekend, so the City does not steal your signage.

These signs need as few words as possible, with as much bright, colorful, eye-catching imagery you can muster to stop traffic and swing your clientele in to visit you.  Perhaps they drive by your place everyday, always needed your product–but never knew you handled it.  Perhaps they have been trying to find you for months, but kept going in circles until they say you setting that board out.  However you slice it, setting out an A-frame will improve business.

Our standard frames are made of powder coated steel, with two sides for inserts.  You may opt for the second side depending on your budget or skip it if your board is always going to be facing the road, not facing both ways.  If your logos are suitable for printing and you just need us to do the layouts for you, a typical 2 sided sandwich board would cost $250 + tax, depending on how many proofs are required.  Discount quantities apply above one unit.

If you wish the frame to last your lifetime and never rust–or you plan on setting it in a high moisture environment–then you may opt for stainless steel frames which cost more but will endure.  These frames also come with clear protective covers on either side, to further lengthen longevity.

If you still do not have an A-frame for your business, please consult us today so we can get this advertising method jump started: Info@GlobalSigns.ca

Global Signs Staff


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