Arena / Rink Banners

We fabricate arena banners, incorporating pole pockets into a top and bottom hem, in order to be hung by rods and easily interchangeable.  Currently we supply Ilderton and Komoka arenas with this type of design.  These arenas sell advertising to local clients who then come to us for layouts and production.  The arena then picks up the banner once completed and installs it for the customer.

bannerTypically with arena banners, since viewers may be reading from clear across the facility, you want to ensure that your copy is as large a possible.  Generally 5 inch letters should be an absolute minimum.  Graphics should also be maximized for high contrast and vibrant or memorable impressions.  If you have a website that contains all of your contact information, consider only displaying that website alone.  People cannot retain too much info in a short time span, so your goal is to have a catchy message that will linger in their minds.

Rink banners are an effective way to utilize your arena’s wall space, provide a venue for local advertisers to reach their immediate target audience more efficiently–and bring in some extra revenue for the facility.  Please contact us today to discuss discount rates for exclusive banner production at your rink.  We also will quote on rink board advertising and other modes of media in a package deal.





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