Fall Fair Banners & Table Throws

If you live in London, Ontario, you likely have visited the Western Fair Grounds at one time or another, when you have walked past the many different vendors pedaling their wares or spreading news of their cause.

Otherwise, perhaps you have ventured out through Ribfest or Sunfest at Victoria Park in the summers and seen the same.

Have you ever wondered where they get those banners and table throws?

BABY AND EVENT 002-1Look no further than GlobalSigns.ca to help you out in a pinch regarding your festival and fair displays.

We offer all manner of bannerstands, banner hangs, satin table throws and the like that will help you to get your message across and make a good impression on the passerby.

There are many factors to consider for grabbing attention fast and keeping it.

You want to employ as few words as possible, as especially in today’s modern age, people’s focus spans are short.

You want to have a bright, catchy logo that sums up your business–and have as many hi res pictures incorporated into your layout as possible.

We recently did a 2 ft by 12 ft double sided hem and rope banner for the Canadian Forces, a long with a bannerstand for them.

These are the standard baseline media you need to consider–then you may build up your advertising arsenal from there.

How about a podium?  Perhaps some table-top displays.  Do you have cards and brochures yet?  We supply those as well.

We are here to round out your branding portfolio at economic rates with professional execution.  Talk to us today: Info@GlobalSigns.ca

Global Signs Staff


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