What “Banner Ounce” is best for me?


When considering the many applications of your new banner purchase, you will want to address certain scenarios as to time and location.

For instance, is your new banner going to be a permanent installation, temporary–or will you be putting it up and taking it down multiple times and multiple different venues or showcases? Are the locations your banner is going to be shown at indoors or outdoors, subject to high wind conditions or relatively sheltered–and will it be subject to much wear and tear handling or usually left alone?

All of these questions will serve to help us understand your banner needs better, in order that you may get the best product possible at the most economical rate in the quickest time allowed.

At Global Signs we deal with three different weights our ounces in our banner material, depending on the needs of the client.

At bottom is the 13 oz vinyl banner material, which we typically produce in-house. It is normally scrim-backed, giving it more strength–and we typically offer it in matte or glossy material. This 13 oz material is remarkably strong for being the base weight, for if you try to tear it with your hands you would be hard pressed to even begin a rip.

But do not be fooled, for the strength of some winds can be deceiving, and if your 13 oz banner is suspended between posts or against a chain-link fence, without at least reinforcing the edges or cutting wind holes, then it will likely be torn to shred within a few months of high wind season.

If you know the season and the duration will be short, then you may wish to opt for this more inexpensive material. Also, if the banner will be going against a wall where wind cannot get at it, then you will be okay with this material. We typically punch grommets every two feet around the edges so you can be sure it is fastened down and no lips will let the wind underneath. We can add extra strips of banner material around the edging before punching the grommets in to give it more strength at a marginal additional cost if you wish. If you banner is largely remaining indoors, this material is all you will need. Just let us know you would like the in-shop 13 oz banner material and we will process your order with precision and haste.

If you banner will be hung outside for extended periods, to brave inclement weather–or between posts or against fences that will let the wind through–then you will need some extra strength material and reinforcing in order to be sure that your display will last the greatest possible duration and hang together as it were long enough so as not to appear raggedy or torn, in turn reducing the prestige of your brand. You will want to choose between 18 oz or 23 oz.

23 oz will be for those highest of hardship banner hangs, whether across a road or between fencing etc.. You may also opt for a perforated 23 oz banner material, which will allow wind to pass through it and reduce the likelihood of tear. We have done this particularly for banner hangs that go up high on scaffolding and other such precarious positions. These heavy ounces banners come with hemmed edges and grommets.

You can also opt to have ropes actually sewn in to the hems for extra strength if you wish to secure or tie down the banner in that way.

If you are after an intermediary ounce, then choose the 18 oz and that will satisfy your banner needs if you anticipate medium wind, middle of the way weather conditions and other such challenges for you display.

All of these things considered for your banner hang will help you to avoid headaches and difficulties down the road.

We want your new banner experience to be most hassle-free and pleasant experience possible–so we will inform you of what we feel your best options are given your particular circumstance and needs. You may choose to drill these banners in with washers and screws, possibly with anchors if the wall is concrete.

Transporting banners is convenient since they can be rolled up, so that is definitely one advantage over their rigid substrate alternatives. Simply unscrew or untie the banner, take it down, roll it up and you will be on your way. Then at the other end of your route, rehang it according to the same methods–and voila your display will be up for others to see in a new location.

Another point of interest to consider in acquiring your new banner is that of graphics and how it will look.

If your logo is full of complexity or gradients–and / or you have pictures files you wish to incorporate into the display, then you will be looking at getting a digitally printed banner, which will ensure you get the visual results you require at the best rate.

Alternatively, you your logo is solid colors and not too complex, you may wish to opt for the vinyl cut method, which is slightly more durable and will weather somewhat better over time, particularly in the sense of not fading as quickly, since the inks are set into the vinyl rather than laid on top.

Pricing for these two variables differs, depending on whether your digitally printed banner will be incorporating a lot of design–and whether your vinyl cut banner will be incorporating many small letters or just big ones.

The labor and materials involved in vinyl cut banners can push their prices up a bit, while the design of digitally printed banners is where the bulk of the pricing variables can fluctuate.

But whether you choose 13, 18 or 23 ounce–and whether you opt for vinyl cut or digitally printed banners–we will ensure that you end up with precisely the banner hang to suit your needs–and get you on your way to new and improved advertising results.

Banner hangs a great way to generate impressions all across the spectrum–and their applications are numerous. Some choose to cover existing awnings with stretched banners. Some cover pilon signs with banners, to save a bit on the plexiglas alternative. Some hang their banners on billboards while others hang the on walls, fences and even between posts in a field.

Banners have myriad applications and uses and you will find them indispensable in whatever campaign you are running.

Let us consult you on your new banner needs and we will talk about where it will be going and for how long–what your company logo looks like and whether you will be wanting full color or basic lettering–then you will be well on your way to your new banner hang.

Global Signs Staff


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