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This tradeshow season, set yourself up with the best displays for your business, by allowing us to consult you on your needs for what you wish to accomplish in advertising.

The middle ground for entrepreneurs big and small in tradeshow displays is bar none Retractable Bannerstands, the most economical, convenient and impressive display unit dollar-for-dollar to get your marketing strategy off to a good and easy start.

The Spider Pop-Up Display units that cover 10 foot by 10 foot display spaces and tower over your potential clients and purchasers are definitely the thorough and sophisticated approach, but require much time and expense to acquire and employ.

The table-top displays, posters and merchandising pamphlets available also have their specific purposes and strengths.

It is definitely the case that a business should target the bigger displays in the long run and always have some paper hand-out’s, table coverings, etc to round out their show performance.

However, for those companies looking where to begin, needing something impressive yet that will not drain their advertising capital all in one purchase, who want to wow their audience but spare themselves the set up time that could instead be spent speaking to people and spreading word of their brand–need look no further than the ever popular Retractable Bannerstands.

Even in the category of Bannerstands, mind you, there is a wide variety of options that will either upgrade or downgrade you from the traditional retractable unit.

For those wishing to be able to interchange banners in the unit from year to year, there is an pressure release model that will allow this luxury, however it comes with the added inconvenience of having to roll the banner up by hand.

This might add 10 minutes to your set up and take down time, but in some cases some may not mind this added labor, while others would prefer to stick with one display splash and have the added ease of simply allowing the banner to retract itself.

For those wishing to have something much more dynamic, impressive and eye-catching, there are much more expensive varieties of these stands that range from double-sided units, to revolving units–to double-wide units and many more.

But again, these more sophisticated units will up your budget 2 to 10 fold, so there may be more wisdom in sticking with the medium units and potentially beginning to acquire several of them down the road.

It is an entirely feasible and smart strategy for a company beginning to set forth into small trade shows to have say 3 to 5 of these units surrounding your floor space. This would give your show the imposing features that the more expensive Spider Pop Up displays carry at a quarter the cost. This would also be a snap to set up, each stand unrolling in a matter of seconds, leaving you to consider other more minor concerns like your table set up and pamphlet strategies.

At Global Signs, our basic Retractable Bannerstand units are aluminum with a three-part collapsible pole and black carrying case. The display face of the banner is approximately 32″x78″ with the total unit standing at about 84″.

These are by far our most popular and economical units which we ship all over the country. In many cases a company like Planter’s Peanuts or Vector Marketing will choose to do business with us out of London so that they may acquire a dozen of these units at once and deliver them to their different branches around the nation.

Other smaller clients will purchase one or two for their in town needs and instantly have an affordable and impressive display for years to come. You will be able to walk into your tradeshow with this lightweight unit slung over one shoulder, saunter up to your floor space and minutes later walk away to admire your brand standing up for all to see.

Then when the show is done, simply unhook the top and carefully guide the banner back into its holding unit where it will await your next show. Some may also consider leaving their unit on display in their front showroom or display area, so as to allow it to carry on delivering their message year round even when they are not on the road at a show or event.

For indoor on site marketing purposes there are fewer better ways to advertise your business than the perennial Retractable Bannerstand.

To begin your journey toward acquiring a unit from us we must first determine if you have print-worthy logos files and whether you have a graphic designer available to do the set up work for you. If so this will save you some money, but otherwise we will be happy to do the layouts and any design work for you.

Simply email us your existing files for a survey of their state and we will advise you on what work may be needed done before production can commence. Let us know all the information you wish to incorporate onto your unit including bullet points, slogans, websites, phone and or fax numbers, email addresses and more.

If you wish to have a picture splash please do your best to send us a high resolution photo image. We will in turn send you a quote and proof of the how the banner will look once completed, at which point you may make any changes you wish until you are satisfied with the final look.

Please consult our blog on “General Layouts” for more information as to the three degrees of design services we offer.

Once the final proof is confirmed, and you have given the go ahead for production to commence, our operator will print the banner off of our wide format Mutoh printer, align it to the retractable unit, fastening top and bottom with industrial tape or pressure clamps–finally doubly securing each joint with extra clear tape and setting it up in our shop on display for a day to ensure it holds securely and firmly and looks according to the proof promised.

Once the operator is satisfied with the final product you will be notified of its completion and may come to pick it up during our business hours, at which point we will guide you through the set up and take down of the unit and how to collapse it into its carrying bag.

Alternatively, if you would prefer for us to ship the unit to your address please advise your operator and we will send it out.

The proofing process is the variable that cannot be estimated since it may take longer or less time depending on your graphical needs, but once the final image is settled on the product will generally be made within a day or two and ready for you to acquire. So if you have a show coming up this weekend, there is no need to panic, as we always have an operator on call 24/7, so all you need to do is touch base with us at, indicate your deadline and timeframe and we will have you equipped with your new Retractable Bannerstand unit in short order.

You can always count on Global Signs to deliver your top quality and strategic advertising signage in a time sensitive fashion with zero hassle.

So remember, if you do not have a Retractable Bannerstand unit in your arsenal of media branding, there is something missing and we will be happy to fill this gap for you before it becomes a handicap in your advertising catalog.

Not many companies out there do not have one of these units and you will soon learn of there exceptional convenience and remarkable performance power once you have taken that first step and signed on with Global Signs to produce for you one of the best instant display units on the market today.

Global Signs Staff

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